How will you figure out my aesthetic?

We have a process for that!

1. Inspiration Pictures: These can be photos you took and never thought you would really use, magazine clippings, Pinterest boards—whatever you’ve got.

2. Communication: We will guide you through conversation and visioning by asking you the right questions. We listen, we ask more questions, and then we listen again. Here are just a few of the topics we’ll discuss…

  • How do you want the space to feel?
  • How do you feel about color?
  • What colors do you appreciate?
  • How do you want others to feel when entering your space?

And the list goes on… Each client is unique—getting to know YOU and YOUR needs in detail is key to developing a successful design.


What interior design style do you specialize in?

We specialize in BEAUTIFUL SPACES, not a specific style. We design for each client and no two projects are the same. Traditional design or tailored transitional design? A family environment or an entertaining environment? You tell us how you would like to live and we will design the most BEAUTIFUL SPACE specifically for YOU.


We’ve never worked with an interior designer before. Honestly, how will it be?

This is a highly collaborative process and YOU WILL LOVE IT! It is fun and all about you and what you want. Truthfully, that does not happen very often in our lives!

Our goal is to make this design process exciting and satisfying for you. It is a creative endeavor that ultimately results in spaces you love.

Our designs are a collaborative process and once we have completed the design we will take it from there right through to completion.

How long will the project take?

It depends on the scope of the project—some take as little as two months, while others can take a year or more.

The design process is already underway after our consultation. We are thinking design and layout on our way back to our studio.

The speed with which the front end of the design process proceeds is mostly up to you. How clear are you on what you need and want? Have you spoken to all parties involved in the decision-making? Are you able to make decisions and trust the process?

Thereafter we are in project management mode—which means ordering, tracking, coordinating, and scheduling right up to installation. We’ll handle it all.


What is the process?

Call us. Email us. Message us. Let’s get in touch to discuss your project. We’ll have an initial phone call to review your needs and expectations, get to know each other and we’ll explain the design process.

We will schedule an Initial Design Consultation in your home at which time we will tour through your space(s) and you can provide us with your “laundry list” of desires.

Following this meeting, we will email you my Design Retainer which will detail all that we will do to take your project from concept to completion. Then we are off to the races!

You will come to my Design Studio and we will present all of the options within your design plan. We will look at 3D layouts, furniture, fabric samples, rug samples, lighting options… basically all we will need to create your dream space.

If we need to make changes we will have our entire library of options at hand. Thereafter, we will provide you with a line item financial proposal and upon payment, we will place all of the orders and manage the project from there.

In the interim, if your project requires any contractors (electricians, floor refinishers, painters, etc.) we will coordinate and manage those projects too.

Once your items have arrived at my warehouse in Philadelphia we will schedule the installation and the BIG REVEAL for you! Get ready to love your new space!!


What is the fee structure?

The Initial Consultation ($425):
Up to 90 minutes of time to tour your home, hear your needs and expectations and discuss a design direction. This is a time for sharing ideas, fact-finding, and getting to know each other.

Design Retainer:
This depends on the scope of your project. A typical room design retainer starts at $2275.


Should we do everything at once? How will we know what to prioritize?

The scope of the project is up to you. One room, one floor, one house. . . we can handle whatever is required. You tell us all that you want to accomplish and we will design and manage that through to completion.

The second factor is your financial investment in this project. We’ll provide the structure required to understand the project, discuss finances and define a path to completion.


How often do you communicate with me throughout the project?

We have an online design platform where we can have ongoing conversations about each room—almost like a mailbox for each space. Once we’re in the procurement phase, we’ll provide updates there as well. We know how important your home is to you and communication is key.


Does Karin Eckerson have a minimum project size?

We typically design—at minimum—one complete room. Our projects range from single rooms to whole homes.


How do I know that I should hire an interior designer?

You should hire an interior designer if:

  • You are frustrated with trying to furnish & decorate your home.
  • You want a beautiful space…and you just want it done.
  • You know what you like but you need a designer to execute it beautifully and bring a project to completion.
  • You have no idea where to begin.
  • You don’t know what the heck you need but you know you don’t like how your home looks now!


At what point should I bring you into the project?

Bring us into the project at the very beginning. This is the envisioning phase where design is completed in concept—not yet in purchases. We are collaborators on your space. The sooner we start working together, the more we’ll improve the final outcome.

A designer will ultimately save you money, which you may think is counterintuitive. Think about all that you have already purchased in your home or space…and where you’re not satisfied. We start our design process the moment we meet you.


What is a realistic budget for my project?

This will depend upon your needs and expectations. In our experience, clients need help in defining their budget and we consider that to be part of our design process. Budget is addressed during our Initial Consultation and throughout the partnership.

Looking for more detail or the opportunity to chat? Click below to schedule a phone call.

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