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wreath dingbat construction...or somewhere in-between...wherever your home sits within the 08540 area code, you need an expert interior designer who works to ensure that your voice is heard, that your unique style comes to life, and that the design suits your lifestyle. We invite you to learn more about us and to contact us today.

The Princeton area includes many varieties of homes that cry out for a personal touch. Your touch for your unique space, to be exact! Whether you live in a sprawling mansion or a townhome, whether your deed goes back to the 1600s or last week, we can help turn your house into a home.

If you have a vision for a design project, our Princeton-area design team has the adaptability and resources — including decor items and contractors — to make it appear, so everyone can see what you’ve had in mind.

If you have a “vibe” but lack the design experience to express it further, leave the specific decor items and space planning to us. You will see what you wanted without being able to find all the words!

Your complete interior design solution in Princeton:

  • See our Interior Design Services page to learn more about what we do with your home’s decor and space planning — including furniture, window treatments, complete paint consultations, and more.
  • Visit our Gallery page to see some of our past work — keeping in mind that we are by no means limited to the styles presented.
  • Our Reviews page will give you an idea about what some of our past and recurring customers think about our approach to our consultations and interior design services.
  • And, of course, see our About page to learn more about Karin Eckerson, our Principle Designer, and how her background contributes to the tone of how we work with clients like (we hope!) you.

We do our best to help you understand our expertise and approach to our interior design work — but nothing can take the place of an actual sit-down to experience our services for yourself.

Want a room with history? Formality? Coziness? We are endlessly flexible in both our ideas and our resources. And we follow every project right there beside you, including being there personally during installations to make sure our vision is properly realized by our preferred contractors.

We don’t “sell you” or offer solutions that are clearly outside of your stated budget. We listen. We care. We consider room dimensions, furniture requirements, accent items, and how your family and guests will move within a room — and how often.

We hope to hear from you soon — we love a good Princeton home challenge! (And within
our entire service area

Is your home anywhere near the Princeton (08540 ZIP Code) area below? Then call us for your interior design needs!
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